Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike. Starter MTB for Woman

Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike

The Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike claims to be the starter mountain bike of choice for women. The bike comes in almost completely assembled, it would be better for first time bikers to have their bikes assembled by their dealer. Only the saddle, handle bars, and pedals need to be assembled. Reviews for the bike online have been mostly positive because of the many features packed into its simple frame.

Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike: Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

This mountain bike comes with a heavy-duty steel frame construction that is 15 feet tall. Reviews say the bike can really take a beating and easily move through rough terrain. It is also very comfortable for riders both tall and short. The only negative comment was about the bike saddle, which a few reviewers found to be uncomfortable for long rides. They said buying a more comfortable seat was a quick fix for this.

Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike: 12-Speed Shimano Gearing

The 12-Speed Shimano Gearing featured in this Titan mountain bike allows riders to go uphill with relative ease. Through the simple process of shifting gears using a click thumb shift mechanism, riders can adjust their speed to suit any situation. Meanwhile, steel pull breaks at the front and back of the bike allow riders to control their speed when riding downhill.

Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike: Selected Specifications

At less than $200 this bike is definitely a bargain. Aside from its steel frame, Shimano gearing, shifting mechanism, and steel pull breaks, the bike is also equipped with 26-inch allow wheels with steel hubs. Durability is the main feature of these wheels as they allow the rider to pass over various hurdles with relative ease. The bike also has an adjustable saddle, which can be replaced and still be adjustable.

Titan Mountain Bike
Titan Mountain Bike

My Review of Titan Wildcat Ladies Mountain Bike

When my wife wanted to try mountain biking, I was not going to buy her an over $1,000 bike.  Still, I wanted to get her something that was safe and effective. Researching online, I found out about the Wildcat. All the positive reviews convinced me to buy the bike for her, and she has loved it from first sight.

She now bikes up and down nearby hills several times a week and has gotten well into the habit of mountain biking. After months of biking she still has not complained about the bike at all, and we expect it to be working well for years to come. This was definitely a purchase I am very proud of. [Read more Titan Mountain Bike Reviews …]

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