Review of Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike (Silver/Black, 26 X 19-Inch)

Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike

The Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike is an entry level mountain bike that is great for people who are new to the sport. This mountain bike has features that enable it to stand out among other entry level mountain bikes. These features even prompt professionals to consider this bike as a mid-range or professional level bike. Whatever the case may be, this dual suspension bike is definitely packed with features that uphold Kawasaki’s standards.

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Features of the Kawasaki dx226fs Mountain Bike

This bike features a frame that has dual suspensions. The suspensions are located at the rear of the bike, below the area where the biker sits. It has twist shifters as well as a rear derailleur that are both from the Shimano brand. This bike boasts of 21 variable speeds that make it ideal for both mountain climbing and road racing. Finally, it has a quick release for the seat as well as the front wheel.

Specifications of the Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike

The bike measures 53 by 27 by 7 inches and weighs only 41 pounds. Its light weight can be attributed to the 19” aluminium frame which makes up the framework of the bike. The bike also sports double walled alloy rims as well as a front disc brake for added stopping power. It also sports a Shimano drivetrain which maximizes the power generated from each pedal motion.

Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike-2
Kawasaki DX226FS Dual Suspension Bike-2

Verdict for the Kawasaki dx226fs 26 inch Dual Suspension Mountain Bike

For its price, the bike is a great buy although not all of its features are desirable. For one, the stock crank set is a low-end fixture which should be replaced immediately with Shimano models upon purchase. It is to be remembered that this bike is an entry-level bike and as such will usually have parts such as these. However, these low-end fixtures will still work well for casual riders or for city riding. In the end, it is the price that matters and this bike will surely get your money’s worth. [Read More Reviews …]

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